Our call centre giving 24-7 response with your security in mind!


We consider your security paramount and provide a range of systems to ensure you are safe and can obtain assistance at all times.

The main system is our Scheme Managers who will provide assistance immediately or ensure that the required services are notified and attend in the appropriate time.

The Scheme Managers also ensure that the building security is monitored regularly to identify any possible security issues or failure of the systems.

Entry to the buildings is managed via secure call systems and all callers need to ask for permission for the main door to be opened. This is usually by calling the resident they are visiting who can let then allow them access remotely from within their apartment.

Other visitors such as Carers, Nurses, Police, Fire or Ambulance Services will be given access based on a previously agreed protocol.

A range of additional assistance technology can be added to the call system for your personal security if required.  This includes fall detectors, flood warning alarms and many other facilities which ensure that you can continue to lead an independent life with the knowledge that you are sure to receive assistance in the case of emergency or need.

The Scheme Managers are responsible for the effectiveness of the systems during their duty cycles and all requests requiring assistance are routed to a call centre outside of these hours.

This Call Centre also manages your support during the off-duty periods and call stations are available throughout the complexes as well as located in each flat.

The Call Centre is responsible for actioning the call and advising the Scheme Manager in accordance with agreed protocol.  All calls to the Call Centre are followed up by the Scheme Manager to ensure that it was handled satisfactorily and the required outcome achieved.

Therefore you have a simple and effective 24 hour 365 day emergency service as well as the support of your Scheme Manager during the duty cycles to provide the confidence you need to feel secure.